Hanna Andersson Swim Sale

By: Emily Heaston

I hadn’t planned on posting anything today, but when I saw that my favorite kids’ swimwear is on sale I had to share! The exact swimsuits I bought for my kids’ Easter baskets is crazy affordable today and priced even better than the sale prices I paid last month!

I really love the sun protection built into these swimsuits, and I’m lucky that Teddy insists on wearing rash guards, so he is still protected from the sun if we need to reapply sunscreen. For the girls, I find that it’s so much handier buying two-piece swim suits when they need to use the restroom, and they love the idea that they’re wearing “bikinis.” There are so many cute options for swim tops and bottoms for girls. Now that Clare and Cate are getting a little older, they like having outfits that coordinate, but don’t match exactly, so these options are great for letting them pick what they like and what fits them best!

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Emily Heaston

Hi, my name is Emily. I was born and raised in Des Moines, IA. I graduated from Dowling Catholic High School in 2001, Iowa State University in 2005 and DePaul University in 2007. Tim and I got married in 2009; we have three kids, Clare, Cate, and Teddy, and one puppy, Yankee. I'm excited to share my favorite things with my lifelong friends and cousins!

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