Weekend Recap from WDM!

By: Emily Heaston

Whew! This month is crazy!! Our weekend was packed full of end of the year activities for our kids and family celebrations for a special graduate!

The fun started on Thursday night with a family dinner at Fire Creek. Then Nicole and Aunt Julie got to town on Friday. They brought lots of our favorite treats from Trader Joe’s!

I woke up early on Saturday to shop the vineyard vines® for Target collaboration! I shopped a little online and saw that most of the apparel was only available in store, so I ran to Super Target and snagged some cute summer outfits for the kids! I’ll share my online purchases soon!

Then we drove to Ames for Clare & Cate’s dance recitals! So proud of my girls for working hard all year!

Every year on recital day, we get lunch at Hickory Park!

Saturday night, we had fun with family at my mom’s. Clare, Cate, Teddy, Lily & Maeve were so happy to be together. Our family had all been in Grinnell for the day for two special statue dedications in Mollie’s memory.

Sunday brought Scott’s high school graduation! We’re so proud of him–Salutatorian, football captain and quarterback, Homecoming king, and a leader wherever he goes. Congratulations, Scott! We love you!

After Scott’s graduation, we all went for lunch in Grinnell. We were having trouble finding the restaurant and couldn’t get it to pull up on the map app either. Julie visited the restaurant’s website to get the address and I plugged that in manually to get directions on my phone…well it didn’t take us to the restaurant, but instead it said, “You have arrived at your destination…” at the location of one of Mollie’s statues. I really can’t do it justice how surprised we all were as we pulled up. We all had goosebumps! She must have known I was sad to miss the dedication the day before during the dance recital. So happy I got to see it with my family. Mollie has so many ways of letting us know she is with us!

Today marks the last Monday of the school year for my kids! I spent the day trying to get my house in some state of order after our many trips to Ames for rehearsals and recitals last week! Clare’s Daisy troop bridged to Brownies this evening, and I think we just have a few softball games left before we can enjoy a little break for the start of summer!

So proud of Troop 1190! This was a great excuse to enjoy some treats baked by my girlfriend Christine!

This weekend was a marathon! I might just go to bed with the kids tonight!

The cutest cake for the cutest girls!

Happy 21st Birthday, Mollie!

By: Emily Heaston

Our little MolliePie was just enough younger than us that the four of us are lucky enough to remember how thrilled her parents were when they found out they were expecting Mollie. We remember the day that Mollie Cecelia Tibbetts was born and how we all waited for the news from Oakland. Our moms spent the entire day on the phone together–on landlines, of course, and with telephone cords wrapping all around our houses!

We were even luckier to spend the Christmas of 1998 together–Mollie’s 1st Christmas. We got to take turns holding Baby Mollie and we’ll always remember how she would cry when she’d hear Silent Night. Our girl with her million-dollar smile was treasured and loved by her family every moment.

Mollie was a part of so many of our family’s happiest memories and she is so very missed each day. Mollie was intentional about making time for the people she loved and we miss sharing all of the big and little milestones of our daily lives with her.

Today, we celebrate Mollie on her 21st birthday. We are thankful for her legacy of love, generosity and kindness, and we are so happy for the years of hugs, kisses, late night talks, Spotify playlists, and endless group texts that we shared. We love you forever and ever.

Always five.