Amazon Prime Day, July 15-16!

By: Nicole Mikluscak

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is TODAY! The famous shopping event features deals on electronics, fashion and more. It runs for 48 hours making it the longest Prime Day in Amazon history. Expect savings on tech items like TV’s, headphones, wireless chargers, Echo and Fire products, possibly even smartphones. Other retailers tend to drop their prices to compete with Prime day as well. Remember, Prime deals are for Prime members only, so be sure to sign up for your free 30 day trial if you plan on making any purchases. Last year, I was able to get a jump-start on my holiday shopping during this event!





Finally, don’t forget Amazon’s Smile program is a free and easy way to donate a portion of your purchase to just about any charity. Start your shopping experience at instead of Get shopping!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in our lives! We’ve compiled our favorite gift ideas for dads, grandads, husbands or anyone who has been a father figure to you. Brian, Ryan, Tim, Skip and Uncle Butter – I know you guys hang out on our blog all day long but you’re going to have to wait until June 16th to come back to this post 😉

Nicole’s Picks

Emily’s Picks

Annie’s Picks

Emma’s Picks

Happy Father’s Day!!

May Goals

By: Emily Heaston

Close those rings, drink that H2O & get in lots of #milesformollie 💗 We’re trying to stay on track with 💦 so we ordered these gallon bottles that my girlfriend @brookemickelson recommended! There are tons of cute colors too!🙌🏻

Join us this month! Let us know if you’re closing all your rings and getting your water in!! Buy the big gallon with us here!

Getting Active with Aaptiv!

By: Emma Faulkner

Exercise. That dreaded “to-do” that somehow always gets shoved to the bottom of my list. I have had a long love/ hate relationship with exercise in my life. If you are like me, going to the gym is a personal nightmare. In the past, I had absolutely no idea what to do and every machine scared me. When I finally gained enough confidence to try something, I became aware of the people around me noticing how lost and confused I looked. So I would mosey on over to the elliptical, unwilling to try anything else. I’ve had ups and downs in my personal fitness journey, I’ve tried various gyms, workout programs, and trainers. Nothing worked and it all seemed either too personal or too impersonal. About a month ago I came across an app called aaptiv, and it’s been a game changer. This app provides me with not only the guidance I need to get a full work out but the tools to keep me motivated.

When you open the app you are given choices for your workout which vary from strength-training to elliptical to yoga and meditation. They also vary in skill level, duration, trainer, and music genre. All workouts are audio-led, with music backing the trainer and in some, there are short video clips to give you an example of what the exercises look like. This is extremely helpful for someone like me who knows little to nothing about how to properly exercise. You can also choose a multi-week program with day-to-day workouts to help with a specific goals such as cross-training for a 5K or exercise for weight loss.

Another reason this app is great is because this isn’t something that needs to be paired with a gym membership. You can get in a good workout from the comfort of your home. When I don’t feel like leaving my house I grab my yoga mat, JAM wireless headphones, ThermoFlask bottle, and my phone and I’m set. I have found myself trying new things like yoga and and strength-training because it’s so easy and accessible.

A Britney Spears throwback themed workout what more could you want?!

I start my workouts strong, but just as my motivation begins to fade and the voice in my head says, “please stop, everything hurts,” a friendly voice in my ear guides me and motivates me to keep going. This guidance and motivation is something I need to be consistent about working out and it really pays off. I have also found that it’s easier to push myself to grow, run more, work harder, and not give up. I am working out at least three to four times a week, alternating between at-home and in-gym workouts. I have learned that setting goals and achieving them is empowering. I have become a more energized and happier person because I feel stronger and healthier than I have ever been. I highly recommend this to anyone who is hesitant about working out or feeling stuck in their current fitness plan.