“Vacation, All I Ever Wanted”

By: Emma Faulkner

This past week Dylan and I got in the car with our favorite drinks from Blackberry Market (The best little spot in Glen Ellyn, IL) and headed out to Door County, Wisconsin. Door County is located at the tippy top of Wisconsin – it’s a peninsula right between Green Bay and Lake Michigan. Dylan’s family has vacationed there for many, many years and it’s like a home away from home to them! They even have a condo there called the Rosio Condo which they rent on vrbo if you’re looking to experience this little slice of heaven yourself!

The first few days were full of views, sunsets and beach days. We stayed and spent most of our time in Sister Bay. Sister Bay has a little beach you can easily access and we did lots of swimming and kayaking. We also did some exploring of different towns, found some fun coffee spots, got yummy smoked fish, matching souvenirs and checked out the local pottery. Door County is known for its sailing and my favorite thing to see was all the sailboats on the water at sunset!

On Tuesday, we experienced a Door County treasure…the Fish Boil. The fish and potatoes are prepared in a cast-iron kettle and when the fish is fully cooked the oils rise up to the top, add a little kerosene and the flames create a boil over. It is a fun thing to watch and be apart of and it’s such a fun tradition in Door County. My favorite part is all the melted butter they serve with your fish and potatoes. YUM.

By Thursday everyone had made it to Door County, Dylan is one of five and four of the five siblings brought their “special friends” as Dylan’s dad calls us. In total there were thirteen of us and a little one on the way! Dylan’s sister is pregnant and it was so fun to spend time with the mama to be! We spent time on the boat together and enjoyed a big family dinner at Fred and Fuzzy’s – a fun little restaurant on the water which I highly recommend if you’re ever in the area. We drank cherry margaritas enjoyed delicious food and took lots of family photos.

An evening at the Northern Sky Theatre up in the woods surrounded by nature and theatre, I loved it!

We ended our vacation in Milwaukee at the Cubs game. This has become a new tradition on our last day of vacation. We spontaneously started it last year in Chicago and it just so happened that the cubs were playing the same day we were driving through Milwaukee, so how could we not? It was a hot sweaty and fun end to the trip. I am so grateful for Dylan and his family and the joy, love, laughter, and spontaneity they surround me with!