Clear Lake Continues…

By: Nicole Mikluscak

If you’re not sick of CLC’s lake pictures, then I’m your girl! My family is the last of the four of us to get to visit the lake this summer. We don’t get to come every year, and we are so thankful everything worked out perfectly for us this August! We rented a small condo near city park. And while the view wasn’t the best, the location was prime! We loved being by all our favorite restaurants, stores, and city beach / park.

I know may of our readers understand how challenging a “vacation” with small children can be. I was already overwhelmed by the time we left Omaha, car packed to the brim. “ARE WE THERE YET?” asked 47 times before we even made it to Des Moines. But I was able to leave that all behind once we arrived. The best thing about our favorite little lake town is the “come as you are” lifestyle and mentality. We walked around in our swimsuits and sandy flip flop feet all week. We went from building sandcastles to boat rides with family, to feeding the ducks at PM Park.

Some studies have shown that vacations can actually prolong your life! I know that Clear Lake will always do that for me. I’m definitely not looking forward to packing the car and heading back to Omaha on Wednesday. Please check on me people. Vacation withdrawals will be in effect. This place never disappoints.

I now resign my position from the Clear Lake tourism board.



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